Overview of I2C Integration in VAN PI OS

I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) is a standard protocol for chip-to-chip communication, widely used for connecting various components in a system. VAN PI OS leverages I2C to connect and communicate with different chips efficiently.

I2C Device Check

In the web interface, there is a button to scan and check all devices connected to the I2C bus. This feature serves as the first troubleshooting step in identifying any hardware faults.

I2C Device Addresses

The following addresses are used for specific components in the system:

  • 0x20: MCP Relay Controller

  • 0x55 and 0x70: PCA PWM Controller (DIMMY)

  • 0x48: ADS Water Level Sensor

  • 0x67: MPU (Motion Processing Unit)

By using this integrated I2C communication, VAN PI OS ensures seamless interaction between various hardware components, enhancing the overall functionality and reliability of the system.

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