First Start

  1. Insert your prepaired SD-Card

  2. Power On the Device by connect it to a dc power supply : Boot up your device. It will automatically broadcast an Access Point (AP).

  3. Connect to the Access Point:

    • On your Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop, smartphone, etc.), search for available Wi-Fi networks.

    • Connect to the network named VanPiControll_xxxx.

    • Enter the password: pekawayfetzt.

  4. Confirm Connection Without Internet:

    • A notification may appear stating that there is no internet connection. Select "Stay Connected" to proceed.

  5. Access the Web Interface:

    • Open a web browser on your device.

    • In the address bar, type and press Enter.

You should now see the web interface for managing and configuring your device. You should now change the default password. CHANGE DEFAULT WIFI SETTINGS.

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