Apple Homekit - Homebridge

Introduction: Adding Apple HomeKit via Homebridge to Vampire OS

Welcome to the guide on integrating Apple HomeKit with the Vampire OS using Homebridge. The Vampire OS, also known as Vampire Core or Vampire System, comes with Homebridge pre-installed, making it easy to add Apple devices.

To use HomeKit effectively, a stable internet connection is required, as Homebridge does not function without it. Once connected to the internet, navigate to the HomeKit settings in your Apple account and add a new device. Your Vampire System should already be visible in the list of available devices.

All configurations are pre-set, so you simply need to follow the setup wizard. After completing the steps, the system will be ready to use with your Apple device via Apple HomeKit. Additionally, if you wish to customize your Homebridge settings, you can do so by accessing the Homebridge Terminal. This can be found in the network settings within the web interface.

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