Build your VAN PI CORE

This guide will walk you through the steps to assemble your VAN PI Core using a Raspberry Pi and the VAN PI Core PCB. If you have purchased a ready-made VAN PI Core from our shop, you can skip these assembly steps and move directly to software setup.

What You'll Need

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (minimum 2GB)

  • VAN PI Core PCB

  • Female 2x20 pin connector (pre-soldered on the PCB)

  • Screws and spacers (supplied)

  • 3D printed case -> see 3D CASE

Assembly Instructions

  1. Prepare the Components

    • Ensure you have all the components ready: Raspberry Pi, VAN PI Core PCB, screws, and spacers.

    • If you don't have a 3D printed case, you can print one using the provided STL files. (Knurled nuts and stickers for the housing are included with your PCB)

  2. Connect the Raspberry Pi to the PCB

    • Align the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins with the female 2x20 pin connector on the VAN PI Core PCB.

    • Carefully press the Raspberry Pi onto the connector, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

    WARNUNG: If the Raspberry PI is not set up correctly and the PINS are offset, the PI may be damaged.

  3. Secure the Raspberry Pi

    • Use the supplied spacers to provide support between the Raspberry Pi and the PCB.

    • Place the spacers between the Raspberry Pi and the PCB, aligning them with the screw holes.

    • Insert the screws through the Raspberry Pi and into the spacers, securing them tightly. Be careful not to overtighten, as this could damage the board.

  4. Install the 3D Printed Case (if applicable)

    • If you have a 3D printed case, place the assembled PCB and Raspberry Pi into the case.

    • Ensure all ports and connectors are accessible through the case openings.

    • Secure the case with any additional screws or fasteners provided.

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