Victron Smart Shunt

To use a Victron Smart Shunt for battery information with the VAN PI OS, follow these steps for seamless integration:

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  1. Connect the Shunt: Attach the VE.Direct cable from the Victron Smart Shunt to one of the USB ports on your VAN PI OS system.

  2. Configure the USB Port:

    • Access the web interface.

    • Navigate to Config -> System.

    • Set the appropriate USB port to VE.Direct.

  3. Activate External Signal Input:

    • Open the Victron app and connect to your shunt.

    • Activate the external signal input and set it to "temperature". This step is crucial to prevent data reading issues.

  4. Automatic Detection: The system will automatically detect the connected shunt.

  5. Set as Primary Battery Data Source:

    • If you want the Victron Smart Shunt to be your primary source for battery data, ensure you set it to "MAIN BATT DATA" in the configuration.

By following these steps, your Victron Smart Shunt will be successfully integrated into the VAN PI OS, providing you with accurate and reliable battery information.

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