Current Support Status

At present, Truma heaters are not actively supported by the VAN PI System. However, we recommend using the inetbox2mqtt project for integration.

LIN Bus Availability

  • The necessary LIN bus is available on the VAN PI Core.

  • Initial tests with the LIN bus have been positive.

Installation Instructions

Since full support for Truma heaters is not yet available, you will need to perform the installation independently. Follow the guidelines provided by the inetbox2mqtt project to proceed with the integration.

  1. Refer to inetbox2mqtt Project:

    • Visit the inetbox2mqtt project's documentation for detailed instructions on setting up and configuring the connection between your Truma heater and the VAN PI System.

  2. Use the LIN Bus:

    • Connect your Truma heater to the LIN bus available on the VAN PI Core.

  3. Perform Independent Installation:

    • Follow the steps outlined in the inetbox2mqtt documentation to complete the installation.


  • Current Status: Truma heaters are not yet actively supported.

  • Recommendation: Use the inetbox2mqtt project for integration.

  • LIN Bus: Available on VAN PI Core with positive initial test results.

  • Installation: Must be performed independently following inetbox2mqtt guidelines.

By following the inetbox2mqtt project's instructions and utilizing the LIN bus on the VAN PI Core, you can achieve successful integration of your Truma heater, even though official support is not yet available.

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