Userinterfaces Overview

VAN PI OS provides a comprehensive suite of user interfaces designed to cater to various needs and preferences, ensuring seamless management and control of your system. These interfaces include a web interface, a dedicated touchscreen device, and a mobile app, each offering unique features and benefits.

Web Interface

The VAN PI OS Web Interface is accessible from any device with Internet Explorer, allowing users to manage and configure their system conveniently. Key features of the web interface include:

  • Universal Access: Accessible from any device equipped with Internet Explorer, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

  • Comprehensive Configuration: All system configurations can be performed through this interface, providing a centralized management hub.

  • Node-Red Dashboard: The interface is built on a Node-Red Dashboard, making it easy to customize and change settings using a visual, drag-and-drop programming environment.

  • It can also be password protected to prevent subsequent settings.

Pekaway Touchscreen

The Pekaway Touchscreen is a dedicated device that communicates with the VAN PI OS to display essential information and controls. This touchscreen is designed for daily use within the van, offering the following advantages:

  • Essential Information Display: Shows the most important system information and controls, making it easy to monitor and manage on the go.

  • RJ45 UART Connectivity: Connects to the VAN PI OS using a single Ethernet cable, simplifying the setup with minimal wiring.

  • Low Standby Current: Requires nearly no standby current, making it energy-efficient.

  • Instant Wakeup: Unlike iOS/Android tablets, it has virtually no wakeup time, ensuring immediate access when needed.

Pekaway App

The Pekaway App extends the VAN PI OS functionality to mobile devices, providing another layer of accessibility and convenience. Available for both iOS and Android, the app offers:

  • Mobile Access: Allows users to manage and control their system remotely when there is an internet connection.

  • User Interface: Provides a consistent and familiar interface for mobile users, ensuring ease of use on the go.

  • Remote Functionality: Enables remote operation, so users can manage their system from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and control.


VAN PI OS user interfaces are designed to offer flexibility, ease of use, and comprehensive control over your system. Whether through the versatile web interface, the dedicated Pekaway Touchscreen for daily use, or the convenient Pekaway App for remote access, users can choose the most suitable method to manage their system efficiently.

  • Web Interface: Accessible from any Internet Explorer-equipped device, utilizing a Node-Red Dashboard for easy customization and configuration. You can only make all settings here. You therefore need the web interface for the initial start-up.

  • Pekaway Touchscreen: A dedicated device for essential information and controls, connected via RJ45 UART, with low standby current and instant wakeup.

  • Pekaway App: Available for iOS and Android, providing mobile access and remote functionality with an internet connection.

This multi-interface approach ensures that users can manage their VAN PI OS in the most convenient and efficient manner, tailored to their specific needs and usage scenarios.

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