Time Sync

The VAN PI Core system, while powerful and versatile, lacks a built-in Real-Time Clock (RTC). This necessitates careful management of time to ensure the system operates accurately and effectively. Time synchronization is crucial for monitoring historical data through the web interface and for the proper functioning of scheduler timers. There are three primary methods to ensure your VAN PI system maintains accurate time:

  1. Pekaway Touchscreen: This device is equipped with a Real-Time Clock and regularly sends the current time to the VAN PI system, ensuring continuous synchronization.

  2. Time Server: When your VAN PI system is connected to the internet, it can retrieve the correct time from a Time Server, keeping it synchronized with global time standards.

  3. 4G Bridge: If you are using a 4G bridge, the network time is automatically synced via the mobile connection, providing another reliable method for maintaining accurate system time.

  4. GPS - Not yet implemented.

By utilizing one or more of these methods, you can ensure that your VAN PI system always has the correct time, which is essential for the accurate monitoring and scheduling of tasks.

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