Bluetooth BMS Batterie

Supported Battery Manufacturers

  1. JBD BMS Batterys examples:

    • Liontron

    • Power King

    • Power Queen

  2. Other Batteries:

    • Supervolt

    • Flybat

Steps for Setup

  1. Access the Web Interface of VAN Pi:

    • Open a web browser on a device connected to the same network as your VAN Pi.

    • Enter the IP address of your VAN Pi system to access the web interface.

  2. Initiate Bluetooth Scanning:

    • Navigate to the Wireless section in the web interface.

    • Select Bluetooth -> BMS/GOK.

    • Click on the SCAN button to search for available Bluetooth devices.

  3. Select Your Battery:

    • After the scan completes, locate your battery using its MAC address from the dropdown list.

    • Important: Set only one of the two available dropdowns to your battery.

  4. Set the Battery as the Main Data Source (Optional):

    • To use the battery's BMS as the main data source for the system, go to Main Batt Data.

    • Set Main Batt Data to BMS.

Important Considerations

  • Accuracy of BMS:

    • Many BMS may not be very accurate, especially with smaller currents.

    • This can result in an incorrect state of charge being transmitted.

  • Recommendation:

    • It is highly recommended to use an additional shunt for more accurate data.


By following these steps, you can integrate various battery manufacturers into your VAN Pi system via Bluetooth. Ensure that you correctly select your battery from the Bluetooth scan results and set it as the main data source if desired. Be aware of potential inaccuracies with some BMS units and consider using an additional shunt for more reliable data.

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