Battery Monitoring

Overview of the VAN PI System Battery Status Monitoring

The VAN PI System provides several methods for reading and monitoring battery status, ensuring users have flexible options to suit their specific needs.

Battery Status Monitoring Options

  1. Pekaway Wireless Shunt: This device allows for wireless monitoring of battery status, providing a convenient and cable-free option.

  2. Victron Smart Shunt via USB VE.Direct: Users can connect a Victron Smart Shunt using VE.Direct for a reliable and accurate wired solution. -> Victron Ve.Direct

  3. Bluetooth BMS Systems: The system supports various Bluetooth-enabled Battery Management Systems (BMS), such as JBD BMS batteries. This wireless option allows for easy integration and monitoring without physical connections.

Combining Multiple Data Sources

The VAN PI System allows for the integration of multiple data sources to enhance accuracy and reliability. For instance, users can:

  • Trust the State of Charge (SOC) value from the Pekaway Wireless Shunt.

  • Simultaneously monitor cell voltage via Bluetooth BMS readouts.


To display the battery data on the system's touchscreen, app, and API, it is crucial to configure the "MAIN BATT DATA" setting in the web interface. This can be done by navigating to CONFIG -> System and selecting the preferred data source for the main battery status.

This flexible and comprehensive approach ensures that users can customize their battery monitoring setup to best suit their needs and preferences, ensuring reliable and accurate battery management.

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