Network Config Overview

The VAN PI OS offers versatile network connectivity options to suit various networking needs. Here are the primary modes and configurations supported:

1. Access Point (AP) Mode

In this mode, the VAN PI OS acts as a Wi-Fi Access Point and DHCP Router. This setup is ideal when you need the system to provide network connectivity to multiple devices in a standalone environment.

  • Functionality:

    • The system broadcasts its own Wi-Fi network.

    • Devices connect to this network to access services provided by the VAN PI OS.

    • The system assigns IP addresses to connected devices via DHCP.

  • Use Case:

    • Creating a local network for devices to communicate with each other without relying on external internet access.

    • Ideal for remote locations or portable setups where no other network infrastructure is available.

2. Client Mode

In client mode, the VAN PI OS connects to an existing Wi-Fi network. This allows the system to function as a client device within a larger network.

  • Functionality:

    • The system connects to a specified Wi-Fi network using provided credentials.

    • Once connected, it can access internet resources and other devices on the same network.

  • Use Case:

    • Integrating the VAN PI OS into an existing network infrastructure.

    • Allowing the system to access internet services or communicate with other devices within the same network.

3. Wired Ethernet Connection

The VAN PI OS can also be connected to a wired network via its Ethernet (ETH) port. This provides a stable and high-speed connection option. (Availible Intenet

  • Functionality:

    • The system connects to a network using an Ethernet cable.

    • It can obtain an IP address via DHCP from the network or use a static IP configuration.

    • If the system is operating in AP Mode, it can forward the internet connection from the Ethernet port to the Wi-Fi network.


  • Use Case:

    • Situations where a reliable and high-speed network connection is required.

    • Environments with existing Ethernet infrastructure.

    • Providing a stable internet connection to Wi-Fi devices when operating in AP Mode.

    • use the VAN PI CORE as an access point for your converted Starlink system


The VAN PI OS offers flexible networking capabilities, allowing it to adapt to various environments and use cases:

  • AP Mode: System acts as a Wi-Fi Access Point and DHCP Router.

  • Client Mode: System connects to an existing Wi-Fi network.

  • Wired Ethernet Connection: System connects to a wired network via the ETH port.

These options ensure that the VAN PI OS can provide robust networking solutions whether operating independently or as part of a larger network infrastructure.

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