Victron Ve.Direct

Integrating Victron Devices into VAN Pi via


  1. Victron device(s)

  2. to USB cable

  3. VAN Pi system

Steps for Setup

  1. Connect the to USB Cable:

    • Plug one end of the cable into your Victron device.

    • Connect the USB end to an available USB port on your VAN Pi system.

  2. Access the Web Interface of VAN Pi:

    • Open a web browser on a device connected to the same network as your VAN Pi.

    • Enter the IP address +":1880/ui" of your VAN Pi system to access the web interface.

  3. Configure on the Web Interface:

    • Navigate to the System section in the web interface.

    • Locate the USB port you are using for the connection.

    • Set the USB port to

  4. Using a Victron Shunt as Main Battery Monitor (Optional):

    • If you have connected a Victron shunt, you can use it as the main data source for the battery.

    • In the web interface, go to the section labeled Main Batt Data.

    • Set the Main Batt Data to Victron shunt.

  5. Set External Channel of the Victron Shunt to Temperature:

    • Open the Victron app on your device.

    • Navigate to the shunt settings.

    • Ensure that the external channel of the shunt is set to temperature.

    • This step is crucial for correct data assignment.


By following these steps, you can successfully integrate your Victron devices into your VAN Pi system using the to USB cable. This setup allows you to monitor and manage your Victron device data effectively through the VAN Pi web interface. If using a shunt, remember to configure the external channel to temperature in the Victron app to ensure accurate data reporting.

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