Wifi Settings

Introduction to Wi-Fi Settings in VAN PI OS

The Wi-Fi settings in VAN PI OS offer versatile network configuration options, ensuring flexible connectivity for the VAN PI CORE device. There are two primary operational modes: Access Point mode and Client mode.

In Access Point mode, the VAN PI CORE acts as a standalone Wi-Fi access point. The device creates its own Wi-Fi network, allowing up to seven devices, including tablets and our Android touch display, to connect. Despite this standalone functionality, the 4G-LTE bridge and Dimmi with ESP32 can still be utilized simultaneously.

In Client mode, the VAN PI CORE connects to an existing Wi-Fi network through the web interface. This can be done either by performing a Wi-Fi scan, where all available networks are displayed and the corresponding password is entered, or by directly entering the SSID and password of a known network. After connecting to the Wi-Fi, the device’s IP address may need to be located. This can be accomplished using an IP scan tool, checking the router, or directly through the touch display, allowing access to the VAN PI CORE's web interface.

Additional settings include:

  • Wi-Fi: New Wi-Fi Name and New Wi-Fi Pass: Changes the configuration of the Access Point.

  • Reset Wi-Fi: Restores the default settings.

  • Scan Wi-Fi: Searches for available Wi-Fi networks.

  • Manually Insert Wi-Fi: Allows direct input of SSID and password.

  • Switch to Wi-Fi: Enables switching between different Wi-Fi networks.

  • Show Known Wi-Fis: Displays a list of known Wi-Fi networks and allows them to be deleted.

Important Note: The default password should always be changed to prevent unauthorized access.

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